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From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Do you feel trapped in a career rut? Are you entering the job market for the first time or embarking on an encore career? Maybe you’re taking the leap into entrepreneurship and lack the confidence or skills to know where to begin. All of these scenarios can turn from daunting to invigorating with Asher Career Coaching and your willingness to grow. It’s time to go from ordinary to extraordinary!

When to Hire a Career Coach

Career Coaching Helps You Reach Higher

Asher Career Coaching Helps You Thrive

When you’re stuck in any phase of your career, outside help from a trained, experienced, and certified career coach can change your life. My name is Tina Asher, owner and President of Asher Career Coaching.

My passion is leveraging your untapped confidence and talents and bringing those to the surface so you can be your best self all the time – in your personal life and in your career. I am here to support you while changing industries, starting a business, or honing specific skills to perform better at work or find a job that suits your skills and desires. Asher Career Coaching is not a career placement agency – I help you discover yourself and earn lasting, fulfilling success in all areas of life.

Benefits of Career Coaching

Career coaching is about developing personally to improve your skills, hone your talents, and shine with confidence when it’s time to ask for that promotion, to reach higher, find the perfect job, or have the courage to follow your dreams.

The following benefits of Asher Career Coaching add up to you being a great employee, CEO, business owner, human resources manager, leader, promoter, entrepreneur, spouse, parent, and individual. Whatever you’ve been dreaming of, together, we will work to achieve it and watch your world expand.

  • Find your ideal career scientifically
  • Learn self-confidence and empowerment
  • Increase self-awareness and personal growth
  • Find clarity of mind and purpose
  • Gain strength to promote yourself with grace
  • Learn how to know what isn’t a good fit for you
  • Hone your communication skills
  • Discover how to be part of a team
  • Become a stronger, self-loving individual

Certified Professional Coach

Asher Personal Coaching Provides Interview Confidence

Once I left the corporate world, I realized I wanted to make a difference utilizing my 30+ years of corporate team building, management, sales experience, and in-depth training. I want to help others grow and find their ideal careers, move forward in their current positions, and facilitate personal and businesses growth.

My goal is to help you find your confidence, learn what it is you love to do, and make it possible to live your dreams. To help you achieve your goals, I’ve partnered with the world’s leading developer of research-based, validated behavioral assessments and hold certifications as a Professional Behavior Analyst and 12 Driving Forces® Analyst, along with TriMetrix® HD and EQ certifications.

My dedication to providing the best coaching possible is why I spent years completing significant science-based certifications and training – it takes the guesswork out of your future. I can give you the most effective, accurate, and inspiring coaching experience possible by for the success you deserve.

Career Coaching Services

I have put together coaching programs and packages to fit an array of scenarios. As you read through them, consider what best suits your needs, keeping in mind that every coaching situation is unique and personalized to you and your goals.

Individual Coaching Packages

In today’s environment, finding the right job can be difficult and overwhelming, especially if you’re not sure what you really want to do. Navigating this very important step in life is much easier with a coach. Using my beneficial tools to help hone in on your what, how, and why, along with personal development coaching, I’ll help guide you in creating a plan to discover the career that best fits your lifestyle.

This journey will be enlightening and set you on a course to live your dreams, from a personal and business perspective. Find the right coaching program for you from the following selection.

Career Development

Find Your Career Match – Thrive Personally and Professionally with Asher Coaching

Do you feel anxiety about feeling stuck in your current position at work or in your career as a whole? This package will assist you in exploring opportunities for career advancement or change within your field. Not only designed to assist with job growth, my career development coaching will identify areas of personal development, as well as professional, and lead you on a course for better communication, more confidence, and self-awareness to realize your fullest potential.

Early Careers

Are you a recent grad student or someone who has never been in the professional workforce? There is more competition for new graduates than ever before. With my coaching and leading industry tools, we can define your unique talents and skills, discover in what environment you would thrive, and reveal a career path that fits your personality and education. I will assist you with the application and interview process and give you the confidence to be a better communicator as you go after your perfect career with less stress and more poise.

Careers SOS

If you are looking for work as quickly as possible, this package is for you. It’s the Asher boot camp for job placement! Together, we will address your needs and wants, assess your strengths and goals, and set to finding you not just the job you need, but one you’ll want. From this process, you will be more confident in interviews, be a better spokesperson for yourself, and have the skills to go forward in your career knowing you’re in the right place.

Encore/Career Transition

Has a desire for change been rolling around your mind or have you been looking for a new career opportunity for months? Is retirement knocking on the door or were you downsized? This coaching program is designed to help you address what it is you really want to do, where your talents lie, and what your future goals look like.

We will go about scientifically finding a career match, strengthen your ability to believe in yourself, and interview with confidence. This process is detailed and it can take some time to define your perfect second act.  Not rushing the outcome can make your remaining work years be the best of your career.

“Thank you very much, Tina! I had a great interview for a new job and had an encouraging review meeting with my current employer. We even talked about crafting a new role for me. Lots of exciting things going on so thank you again!”

Free Consultation

Live Your Dreams!

No matter where you are in your career, Asher Career Coaching is here to help you make the change needed to grow and prosper and have the career you deserve. Request a free consultation today and let’s get you moving forward in the career that’s right for you. 636-856-0574