Effective Leadership & Your Greatest Asset

Employee Development

Corporations, businesses, and organizations all face the same leadership difficulties and team involvement when it comes to employees. Hiring the right people, keeping them, and inspiring a team environment that values productivity, is a constant and often costly challenge.

Professional, measured employee development with Asher Career Coaching will change the way you hire and foster team morale, resulting in less turnover and more productivity.

It Starts With Leadership

My name is Tina Asher, Founder and President of Asher Career Coaching and Consulting, LLC.  If you face costly employee turnover or suspect you need to change your leadership style, you are in the right place.

Whether you are a business owner, CEO, manager, or supervisor – there is no greater investment than in yourself. Objective, professional consulting that’s backed by behavioral science not only leads to personal development, it results in leadership that fosters happy employees and greater success.

Behavioral Science

So where do you begin? Using my effective coaching techniques and a blend of behavioral sciences and assessments like EQ, TriMetrix® HD, and DISC, you can take the next steps to:

  • Recruit and Retain the Best Talent
  • Keep Existing Employees Engaged
  • Improve Employee Productivity
  • Measure and Manage Stress
  • Improve Sales Skills
  • Functional Team Building
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Implement and Evaluate Employee and Customer Surveys
  • Implement and Evaluate Product and Service Feedback Surveys
  • Become a better Executive, Manager, or Leader
  • Develop personally with individual Executive Career Coaching

Keep Existing Employees Engaged

Happy employees create a better company – it’s as simple as that. Building a proper recruitment strategy is the first step. Then I can help you put a plan in place to reap the benefits of employee productivity with:

  • Team building for top performance and workplace cohesion
  • Stress management for less sick time and happier, productive people
  • Conflict resolution for a positive, self-regulating team
  • Sales team coaching and strategies to turn sales reps into seasoned professionals
  • Management /executive coaching to build trust and communication
  • Employee/customer feedback to know where to make change and how to implement that change
  • Personal development to keep growing and succeeding personally and professionally
  • Coaching workshops for a cohesive, productive team environment
  • Employee growth and upward movement within the company

Why Choose Asher Career Coaching?

As a Certified Professional Behavior Analyst, Certified 12 Driving Forces® Analyst, and Certified TriMetrix® HD and EQ coach with over 30 years of corporate management experience, I can help you and your company solve recurring challenges and be a trusted advisor, assisting with team evolution for the 21st century. The goal is to become engaged, more productive, and high performing with the focus on business growth.

Recruit & Retain Exceptional Talent

Does your company struggle with hiring the right employees and have expensive turnover? Not only is hiring the wrong person costly, it hits team morale, causing lower productivity and a cascade of other non-performance issues.  Together, we can change this pattern for a more profitable future.

“Dig beyond the resume to understand behavioral DNA”


Measuring Stress

Absenteeism, turnover, diminished productivity, medical, legal, and insurance costs all play a role in profitability and growth. In 2017, job-related stress costs were estimated to be around $500 billion in lost productivity. Is your company part of that statistic?

When you work with Asher Career Coaching, we can develop a scientifically-based yet human approach to happy workers. Most managers and executives don’t know what stress in the workplace is actually costing their companies – we can assess the situation, create a plan, and address it.

“One-fourth of employees view their jobs as the #1 stressor in their lives.” (Centers for Disease Control + Prevention)

Measure & Resolve Employee Stress with Behavioral Science

Measure & Resolve Employee Stress with Asher Coaching & Behavioral Science


Sales Skills

“Your business is in the hands of your sales team. Are you confident they know what they’re doing?”

Your sales force is the face of your company, an extension of your brand. Do they share your values and mission or are some of them simply there for the paycheck? Does your company have a clear sales strategy or a defined hiring process to determine which candidate will be the best choice?

Using the most effective industry tools, I can measure and objectively analyze your sales team and their understanding of the strategies required to sell successfully in any environment and help them achieve increased sales with consistency.

Discover the Benefits

  • Build confidence and arm salespeople with tools to become seasoned professionals
  • Simplify sales strategies to crystalize your steps to sales superstardom
  • Allow managing/coaching to be focused on areas that produce results
  • Demonstrate how to effectively close sales opportunities and continually find new prospects
  • Identify new sales applicants’ strengths/weaknesses to better close sales opportunities
  • A sales team that exemplifies your company’s message and brand
  • Happier, valued salespeople tend to earn more money and close more deals

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Wayne Gretzky


Team Building & Conflict Mediation

“Match talented professionals with jobs that allow them to excel in their natural behaviors.”

Conflict is poisonous to productivity and breaks down the efforts of even the best team. Hiring an outside source like Asher Career Coaching to get to the bottom of what’s causing tension, assess and present a solution, and help your team come back together can positively impact employee retention, productivity, and profits.

Using the science of behavior and my extensive experience I will help you:

  • Discover what drives each individual into action and how he or she works best with others to minimize tension and conflict and improve productivity.
  • Enhance job satisfaction by focusing each person’s energy into areas where they possess the strongest skillset so they can thrive and maximize their potential.
  • Implement a plan that encourages your team to pull together for profitability.
Build a Phenomenal Sales Team With Sales Coaching

Build a Phenomenal Sales Team With Asher Sales Coaching


Employee & Customer Surveys

How are you perceived? Help Your Organization Be a Better Place to Work.

OD 360 Surveys™ are not performance reviews. They are a feedback tool designed to help anyone from a CEO to a store clerk develop and hone their professional skills.

Managers and executives can use the information provided by a 360 Survey to create organizational and individual development plans. Managers and executives also personally benefit as they see how their leadership styles are perceived by those they manage.

Product & Service Feedback Surveys

“Transparency is the window to your future.”

Increase customer satisfaction by providing more than the best products or services. Customer feedback surveys tell your clients that you care about your relationship with them.

Our surveys are completely customizable to measure what you need to know and are easily administered 24/7 through secure online access. Listening (and hearing) what your customers say creates a deeper relationship and enhances your brand.

Career Coaching for Executives

Have you lost sight of how to make yourself stand out in order to grab hold of that long-coveted promotion? Maybe you’re struggling with a new leadership role or want to get your career to the next level. Career coaching for executives and managers is an investment in being the best that you can be, corporate-wide and personally.

With a blend of sciences and one-on-one coaching, I can create a unique program that primes you for the next phase of your career, and often, the next phase of life.

Why Wait?

Once you have Asher Career Coaching programs in place and you’re empowered by the knowledge and tools to go forward with optimum productivity, you can set yourself above the rest and grow with confidence. It’s time to invest in employee and leadership coaching today. Request a free confidential consultation today and let’s get your company and your career moving in the right direction. 636-856-0574