Hire the Right Employees & Keep Them

HR Help

Are you a human resources manager or executive in need of HR help? Asher Career Coaching offers many HR outsourcing services that can streamline and scientifically improve your recruiting, hiring, and employee retention; team building, stress management, and assessment responsibilities. In today’s environment, hiring the right employees and keeping them is critical to your bottom line.

Hire & Retain the Best Talent with Asher Career Coaching

Human Resources Efficiency

Using highly detailed behavioral science modalities from the world’s leading developer of research-based, validated behavioral assessment tools, and my 30+ years of experience, I can effectively relieve a portion of the workload in your HR department.

I can help your company hire and retain the best talent, assess and implement coaching and training programs, handle conflict resolution, and ultimately increase productivity in a logical, efficient manner.

Recruitment & Retention

Asher Career Coaching goes above and beyond to create a custom hiring program and vetting process specific to your company. Using highly detailed assessments and the science of behavior we eliminate “interview intuition” and take emotion out of the equation. Hiring becomes most efficient, human resources managers can focus on other areas of their work, and those you hire stay because it’s a good fit for all.

“Dig beyond the resume to understand behavioral DNA.”

Keep Your Greatest Asset

Want to know the secret to a productive workplace, less turnover, and increased profits? Inspiring and positively influencing your greatest asset – your people!

Using assessments such as DISC, TriMetrix® HD and EQ, and holding Driving Force® Workshops, for example, we can learn employees’ individual strengths and create an environment where teamwork becomes commonplace. This translates to less workplace conflict and stress, positive employee growth, and higher productivity.

Measuring Stress

In 2017, Mental Health America (formerly The National Mental Health Association) performed a lengthy study of US workers coast-to-coast in all industries. What they discovered is astonishing.  Nearly “a quarter of U.S. employees who miss work due to on-the-job stress may be absent from work for 21 days or more a month.” The price for allowing this kind of work environment is highly detrimental – $500 billion a year in lost productivity.

Most managers and executives don’t know what stress in the workplace is actually costing their companies – we can assess the situation, create a plan, and address it.

Solving Conflict + Developing Your Team = Optimum Performance with Asher Career Coaching

Team Building & Conflict Resolution

Having many different personalities all working together can often present challenges and conflicts. Maybe you have a team or an entire department that could use some personal development, team spirit, or productivity enhancements. Find out what’s driving individuals to perform or not perform effectively and what to do about it.

Employee & Customer Surveys

OD 360 Surveys™ are a feedback tool designed to help anyone from a CEO to a store clerk develop and hone their professional skills. These are not the same as performance reviews – they are meant to assist your company with policy and practice improvements in a way that creates better employee and customer satisfaction.

Minimize Costly HR Issues

I believe in building a trusting professional relationship that allows for candid sharing and feedback. By interacting and truly listening, I can develop a custom program for your company that minimizes costly human resources issues and increases productivity.

As an individual who has worked in various roles in the corporate world for over 30 years, I know how challenging it is to keep a business functioning on all cylinders – that’s why Asher Career Coaching exists. I want to help you and your business become more efficient and profitable. Why not invest in your company’s growth today? Request a free consultation and let the transformation begin. 636-856-0574